Creche for old age person


With the breakdown of the joint family system in the society, many elders experiences social isolation both within the family as well as with outside world.

While holidaying, people, who are not really comfortable with the idea of hiring a “Nurse” / “AAYA” for their elder parents, Ananda Ashram here comes with a noble idea of taking care of Elder ones for few days in a homely atmosphere. During these few days of stay at Ananda Ashram, Elder gets to interact with other boarders of their age, which doesn’t happen much, unless they are at home and hence better socialization process occurs.

It’s true that elder gets sleep all day, if they are left alone at home. This type of sedentary lifestyle is not healthy long term. The lack of physical & mental activities can lead to many health issue like weight gain, stress & finally destructive boredom behaviour .here we keep them busy with activites ,in order to keep them healthy. Ananda Ashram provides wide array of nursing, routine medical check-up, different activities along with celebrating different festivals

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