About Us


Long back, the promoter of this home, Mr. Biswanath RoyChoudhury, had once visited an old age home, and was troubled to see the wretched condition of the home, and its inmates. When he came back home with a heavy heart, he expressed his desire to open an old age home of his dream one day, to his mother. Though he lacked the resources to build a home at that time, his mother encouraged him and told him that his dream would definitely come true one day. Finally, when he was able to build his home and inaugurate it on May 2005, he dedicated the home to his deceased mother, Smt. Maya Moyee Roy Choudhury.

It has been a running success from then, primarily because of relentless effort of Mr. And Mrs. Biswanath RoyChoudhury, who themselves stay at the home by turns, taking meticulous care of every need of the inmates, and keeping the home sparkling clean.

“I had to use all my savings and retirement benefits to build this palace” Mr. RoyChoudhury proudly say, “but it seems nothing today, when compared to the beautiful moments this home gives to it inmates and the smile and happiness that generates from their inner self”.

This senior citizens home, or Ananda Ashram old age home as it is more popularly known as, is a 10 minutes distance from Subhasgram railway station, and is well connected to rest of Kolkata too, with roads. It is also close to the south 24 parganas head quarters, Baruipur.